Artem Zaitsev

Welcome to my website.
I am a sound designer and composer. I write music for movies, video games as well as create sound design for various projects. On this site you can listen to my music and buy it for use in your projects. 

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 9 June 2023
Horror Scene

“Horror Scene” is a cinematic track with an orchestral arrangement that combines an epic and foreboding atmosphere with a touch of whimsical darkness. Whether it’s a spooky adventure or a mischievous tale, “Horror Scene” brings a sense of dark wonder and excitement to the screen.

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6 June 2023
Retrowave Cinematic

“Retrowave Cinematic” is an exhilarating track that combines the nostalgic essence of retrowave music. This dynamic composition takes listeners on a thrilling ride through a retro-futuristic world where neon lights, fast cars, and adrenaline-fueled pursuits dominate the scene. It is the perfect soundtrack for thrilling chase sequences, intense fight scenes, or any dynamic moment that demands an infusion of retro-futuristic excitement.

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 3 June 2023

“Anxiety” is a suspenseful track that immerses listeners in a world of gripping anticipation and unease. Filled with a multitude of electronic sounds and dynamic elements, this composition keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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 2 June 2023

“Superheroes” is an electrifying cinematic track that seamlessly blends orchestral elements with a captivating electronic sound. The fusion of the orchestra with electronic elements adds a modern and dynamic touch, creating a unique and mesmerizing sonic experience.


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